Vinyl & LVT

When it comes to durability, easy cleaning and style options, you really can't beat vinyl.  Especially popular in kitchens, wet rooms and bathrooms, this functional and hygienic flooring is ideal for high traffic areas, pet owners and anywhere with young children present.

Not only is it very affordable, but MFey Carpets have such a wide selection available, that you are sure to find the perfect flooring for your space at a fraction of the cost. 


As ever, Mark will "bring the shop to you" so you can really see what your chosen flooring would look like in the space it is intended for, leaving you completely confident  that the final look will be flawless.

LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles)

If you long for the luxurious and elegant look of wood, stone or even marble, but  don't quite have the budget, don't despair, that's where LVT comes into its own.  

Hard backed and robust, they offer all the benefits of vinyl but even more so and  give you the indulgent look of some of the most luxurious floor coverings in the world.  Due to the look and feel of these amazing tiles, you can literally lay them anywhere you want comfort with that extra touch of opulence.

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