Laminate is a hassle free, easy-clean flooring that can really give the impression of that added bit of luxury.  With so many choices out there now, the world really is your oyster as to what look you want to go for. You may want to go for the traditional wood look or you might want to try something completely different.  

Laminate is a great option for lounges, hallways and dining rooms, any room that generally has a lot of traffic or anywhere you just want to put a hardwearing and beautiful floor. Again, it is ideal for people that suffer with allergies or have pets due to its easy clean properties.


Another great benefit of laminate that can't be said of all flooring is, should the worst happen and it were to get damaged, rather than having to replace an entire carpet or piece of vinyl, you simply replace the damaged board.  There's no great drama and no need to rip up an entire floor which can be a real inconvenience with the pressures of a busy family life.

If you think laminate is the right option for you practically but think it is only available in a wood finish, think again.  Laminate has come a long way in the last 10 years and is now available in a variety of finishes including slate, stone and more.  For more information, just get in touch.

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